About new traditions: the Casa Korb experience

Meet Spunky, our sponsoree for this year’s Thanksgiving! Isn’t she beautiful? ☺️

Spunky’s guardian rescued her from becoming a Thanksgiving meal, hoping to provide a better life for her. Unfortunately, the woman was unequipped to care for turkeys, and Farm Sanctuary stepped in to make sure Spunky was able to get the medical attention she needed. At the sanctuary, she rules the roost! 😍

Want to learn more about the Adopt a Turkey project? Check out the Farm Sanctuary website: https://www.farmsanctuary.org/kevin-smith-and-harley-quinn…/ 🦃

When Stoni and I made the switch to a #estherapproved compassionate lifestyle two years ago, we started a new and beautiful tradition for the main holidays to celebrate life. 🌱

Our first Easter, we made a donation to Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuaryto feed April and her five babies, Hercules, Brindle, Tim, Mercy and Peggy, for a complete meal. 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

Our first Thanksgiving, we made our first donation to Fauna Foundation for the care of chimpanzees, monkeys and other non-human animals. 🐵🐴🐔🐰🐶 We also became regular volunteers at this beautiful sanctuary. ❤️

Our first Christmas was centered around giving too, as well as furthering our reduction of consumption of goods and getting more tools for our zero-waste journey. All our gifts were in the form of personalized donations to HEEFS and we also purchased two dozen meal cards from L’Itinéraire to support this incredible organization and give them to people in need of a warm meal. 🍲

In 2018, we continue our tradition of giving and sharing our abundance with others. For it is through contributing to more compassion and more kindness in this world that we have found wealth of heart and spirit; and we have never felt so happy and grateful for our blessings. And the bonus is that we have never received so much joy, fulfillment and growth in return. 🙏