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Squash Muffins

As the summer is coming to an end, there is nothing like some quick breakfast muffins. Easy and quick to make and delicious as well! Great with some plant based butter, some side fruit and coconut based yogurt. Squash Muffins. Wet Mix: 1 TBS egg replacer (like this Casa Korb recipe) mixed with 3 TBS […]


Kimchi day! Remember that giant Napa cabbage that was bigger than Marie-Eve’s head? Well…it is on it’s way to becoming a fermentation delight! Cabbage was salted to release some water for about 30 minutes. Cabbage was sliced, carrots, daikon and shallots were then added. The paste consists of chili peppers (depends on how hot you […]

Welcome to Casa Korb Living!

My sister Marion, being a granola most of her life, influenced me with bio and organically grown foods while living with her in Germany in my early twenties. As well I was influenced by my uncle Rolf who decided to leave it all behind and moved to the far north of Germany to become a […]