Fermented liquid gold

Never throw a good liquid away. 😎

Why not? Because you might miss an opportunity to create something magical that will make your tastebuds sing! 🎶

Here’s a good exemple of what I mean:
When we finish a jar of kimchi (an absolute wonderful and delicious batch of homemade kimchi 😋), we always keep the kimchi juice for dipping sauces, salad dressings, marinates, or even to drink in good shooter for a healthy gut (I even saw that health stores sell kimchi juice at quite the hefty price, so I’m certainly not throwing that liquid gold away 😉).

A few months ago, we decided to thinly sliced radishes, carrots, turmeric root and ginger root, crammed everything in a jar, topped with the saved kimchi juice, let ferment on the counter for a few days and then leave in the fridge for time to work it’s magic. ☺️

And working it’s magic it did. 🤩

I opened the jar today for lunch and I saw angels. 😇 Singing. 🎶

So, dear friends, never throw a good liquid away. Happy Friday! 😘