Is taking care of yourself starting to feel like part-time job?

« If your to-do-list mentality is a major source of stress in the first place, why add to it? The goal is to create space for yourself, to experience curiosity and explore without pressure. Take a few conscious breaths during your commute, or set an intention for your day before you leave the house. Remember: There is nothing inherently virtuous about torturing yourself (which, for the record, is an intention I frequently set for myself). »

I often bring this very point up in my coaching sessions and in discussions with people around me. We all want to be healthy, improve our well-being and self-actualize. Improvement, optimization, performance. 😏

However, we often don’t see clearly that the paths we take create more stress and more anxiety that the benefits we are trying to gain from incorporating changes and new habits in our lives.

We are constantly setting ourselves up for failure. We fall into self-judgment for not succeeding and we crack the destructive mental whip.

Selfcare is important for a healthy life, but HOW we incorporate it in our daily routine should be as important if not more than WHAT we’re changing. 😉

We need to cultivate self-compassion without falling into the trap of self-indulgence, we need to learn how to distinguish one from the other and spend enough time with ourselves to know and identify our patterns and our shortcomings. Only then can we start a healthier journey towards a better self, learning how to undo the intertwined knots whilst casting the whip aside. 🙏

Self-compassion is not the same as self-indulgence. Knowing that selfcare can feed both, we can be smart about which one we choose to support and practice. 

And remembering that we never have to do this alone; finding a friend or a family member to support us, seeking the professional help from a wellness coach, joining a benevolent community and finding our tribe. ❤️

Something to think about and reflect upon as we are approaching the brand new year. 🥳

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