Tammy and Marie-Eve at HEEFS

We’re slowly leaving Toronto to go pick up our beloved Loki and Nanook from Possomplace (a.k.a. Club Med for dogs 😉) for the next part of our vacation. We’re also reflecting on our time at the HEEFS and thinking of all the wonderful sentient beings we met. 🐕🐇🐓🐔🐏🐐🐂🐄🐴🐖

This is Marie-Eve bonding with Tammy, a beautiful baby piglet of about 7 months old. 🐷 Tammy’s start in life was not meant to be any different than the thousands of other pigs that are born each year and yet she found her way through the heart of kind people that organized for her to come to the Sanctuary to live out her life. 🙏

Tammy is a very smart and affectionate girl. She knows her name and sits for treats; much like Loki and Nanook. ❤️ She is still too small to join the other pig residents, but she will start soon to make friends with the sheep and the goats. As you can see she love the company and the cuddles; she even has the same sweet spot than Nanook. Sweet angel! 😊😇😍