Thank you NousRire St-Hubert for the past year

Stoni and I don’t often relax, especially on the weekends. 🤪

However, today is a very special day where we witnessed the beautiful continuation of a project we’ve been involved in over the past year. 🙏

NousRire St-Hubert is a strong and beautiful community that has found two new amazing and wonderful souls to rest upon: Tatiana Lokis and Bojana Kolarevic. 💚

It is with both humility and deep love that we were involved this morning as volunteers; contributing to the project on a very different level. ☀️

It is also with great joy that we now sit in the Casa Korb yard to discuss the upcoming project. 🌱

Much love from all four of us. 👣🐾🐾👣🐾🐾

Peace. Love. Compassion. 
And let’s not forget Esther. 🐷