Turkey love

Today is somewhat midway between our Canadian Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays. 🎄 Furthermore, American Thanksgiving is coming up this week. So many important holidays in such a short period of time. 🗓

The holidays are a beautiful time to love, care and share with the ones we love in so many different ways; our close and extended families, our friends, our coworkers, our neighbors, our companion animals, ourselves. 🙏

It is filled with many traditions; the old ones we have been following for many years 🕰 as well as the new ones that we create to better align with our values of compassion and simplicity. 💫

This year, Stoni and I invite you to reflect upon these traditions. See which ones are already aligned with your values. Identify which ones needs to evolve and be updated to better reflect your love of life in all its forms, your caring for our dear planet Earth and your inner natural inclination and deep need of sharing and connecting with follow beings. 🌍

Over the next few weeks, we endeavour to inspire and get inspired through this wonderful community; to transform our holiday traditions into kinder and healthier ones. 🌱

One step at a time. 👣


Quick note on the picture:

This is me last September at Farm Sanctuary with Shannon. She’s by far the eldest turkey resident at the New York sanctuary and yet still full of spunk and joy. She loooooooves to eat clover leaves ☘️ that we hand pick for her and enjoys getting belly scratches through her soft feathers. Of all the animals we met during our visit, Shannon is definitely one of the ones that stole our hearts away with her incredible energy. We’ll definitely continue to keep turkeys off our plates and in our hearts instead. 🦃❤️