Welcome to Casa Korb Living!

My sister Marion, being a granola most of her life, influenced me with bio and organically grown foods while living with her in Germany in my early twenties. As well I was influenced by my uncle Rolf who decided to leave it all behind and moved to the far north of Germany to become a shepherd and to get closer to the land.

On this blog we want to share some of the things that we do, building our own things, growing our own food and learning every day. Here we want to share projects, recipes, dog stories and activities.

We try to do as much as we can by ourselves, so as to avoid buying premade, processed and wasteful foods and items.

We aspire to practice compassion in all the aspects of our lives. Compassion for ourselves. Compassion for others. Compassion for life in all its forms. Compassion for Mother Earth.

Health, Wellness and Better living with compassion.

Selbst ist der Mann!

– Stoni
Brewmaster, yogi and compassionista